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Living Roofs!


What is a Green Roof? Well, think of it as a garden on your roof, made with various grasses and other plants with many benefits.

One of the many benefits of a green roof is that they look cool! Besides looking cool there are some other benefits like an economic, ecological, and societal level. A green roof provides a rainwater buffer; it purifies the air, reduces ambient temperature, helps regulate indoor temperatures, saves energy, and encourages biodiversity. What's more, people living in a green environment tend to be happier than those living in gray urban environments.

Let's tale a closer look and unpack some of these.

Green Roofs provide a rainwater buffer.

A green roof helps to stabilize the groundwater level, reducing the peak load on sewage systems and reduces the risk of flooding. This is done using plants, substrate, and a drainage layer to absorb rainwater, therefore, delaying discharge into the sewage system, and all the layers are working together to purify the rainwater as well.

It Purifies the air.

The plants in a green roof filter particulate matter from the air and convert CO2 into oxygen. With a green roof, you are contributing to air purification.

Reduces the ambient temperature.

Plants absorb approximately 50% of sunlight and reflect another 30%, so this helps to create a more relaxed and pleasant environment around your home. This also affects the indoor climate because the air conditioning doesn't have to work as hard in the summer, and that means more energy savings. Overall, you're looking at about a three-degree Celsius (or thirty-seven degrees Fahrenheit) reduction in temperature.

Increases solar panel efficiency.

Because a green roof reduces the ambient temperature of a roof the efficiency of solar panels is higher, and this also helps to reduce energy costs.

Noise Dampening.

A green roof acts as a sound barrier to your home. It absorbs sounds and provides you a quieter environment both inside and outside.

Extends life span of the roof.

Sun, rain, wind, and temperature fluctuations are all external influencers that can damage a roof. A green or living roof protects your roof from these external influences, which can double or triple the life span of your roof.

Adds value to your home.

The natural appearance and regenerative aspects of a living roof, combined with reduced energy costs, as well as a longer life span of the roof, means an increase in property value.

Increased Biodiversity.

Sedumsod, herbs, grasses, or a host of other plants promote habitats for birds, butterflies, and insects.

Creates a fire-resistant layer.

With a green roof, you create a natural fire-resistant layer because of the plant’s natural ability to contain and store moisture.

Increases the feeling of well-being.

Many studies show the relationship between greenery and the positive effect on the well-being of people through the reduction of stress.

It's a healing environment.

More studies show that greenery encourages healing and faster recovery for injured and sick people. Thus making living in a green environment a "healing environment."

Increases social interaction, and decreases crime.

Living in a green environment tends to bring people together creating a natural social cohesion and areas with more greenery tend to suffer less from aggression, violence, and vandalism.

Low maintenance.

Vegetation blankets used in constructing green and living roofs are carefully pre-cultivated and on delivery can boast about 90% coverage. By being pre-cultivated weeds hardly get a chance to grow making these blankets very low maintenance.

Saves time and money.

Vegetation blankets are easy and quick to install, which saves time and money in installing a green roof with individual plug plants—making maintenance minimal.

Erosion protection.

Vegetation blankets provide a stable and erosion-resistant top layer to the green roof.

In conclusion, while living roofs may not be an excellent option for insulation, it is an environmentally conscious choice and does add an element of protection.

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